by Laura Forest

Wood for the Trees

Wood for the Trees

My solo show at Monster Valley opened last Thursday night amidst a glow of candlelight and a small forest of magnolias.

I was thrilled with how many people attended the opening: Monster Valley Gallery had over 100 people visit us. The catering by cosset was phenomenal and paired beautifully with cocktails made from their syrups and Lothlorien Feijoa Wine. Everyone commented on the atmosphere I had created, which was intentional down to the fallen petals on the stairwell.

Two comments made most about the exhibition have been “moody” and “cinematic”. “Beautiful”, “haunting” and “whimsical” are other oft repeated descriptions.

A highlight for me was stealing a few seconds to observe guests as they encountered the images… And recognizing amazement, delight, and serenity in people’s responses.

This is my second exhibition and my first solo show. Cosset’s walls had a collection of my images for a group show called “voices” in November 2011. I borrowed a camera for to get those shots. 8 months later I am exhibiting a solo show in a studio-gallery and working towards my third exhibition in December.

A second highlight was seeing the limited edition book I produced for the show – it arrived a few hours before the opening night.

Next week I’ll be updating my blog with a post about some frequently asked questions I received this week… My most common answer is “No, I don’t use photoshop”.

For more info: Here is our Monster Valley event page and my web page.
If you haven’t been able to make it yet, my show runs until 18th September and I will be at the gallery Saturday’s 10-4pm and Sunday’s 11-2pm.
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